Thursday, 24 December 2015

Seasons Greetings!

Money for Madagascar and all its Partners working at the grassroots would like to wish you all 
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Miarahaba anao nahatratra ny Krismasy 2015. Mirary taona vaovao 2016 feno fiadanana. 

Thank you for your interest, support and encouragement.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Jane’s swim makes a BIG SPLASH in Madagascar…

Last July, one of our supporters Jane Lawrence swam a mile across Ullswater Lake (Lake District, UK) with the hope of raising enough money to install water facilities into a primary school in the Malagasy highlands. Jane raised an amazing £600!

As a result of Jane’s efforts and the kind donations of those supporting her, the children at Ambohidava Catholic Primary School now have access to a working tap which provides them with clean, safe water. 

Money for Madagascar’s ‘Education for Life’ Programme aims to provide clean water to schools, not only for drinking, but also to help them grow food in their own gardens. The dry season in Madagascar’s highlands means over 6 months without rainfall. Lack of water is a real challenge to anyone trying to supplement their diet by growing fruit and vegetables. 

Happily, the newly installed water facilities allow the school to irrigate their land which means the crops have a longer growing season, providing more important nutrition for hungry school children. This is exactly what Jane’s swim has done for Ambohidava Catholic Primary School. The school tells us that the kids are "happy to be drinking water and watering their crops. As well as vegetables and fruit, we also grow lemon grass and Comfrey . The lemongrass makes a nice tea to settle the stomach and is also good to keep the mosquitoes away. The Comfrey is great to eat like spinach and we can also make an insecticide from it to protect our crops.It even has medicinal properties too. We are very excited about our fruit trees. We keep watering them every day so that one day soon we can enjoy their fruit.

To find out more about what we do and to see how you can get involved visit To make a donation and help us give more children access to clean water visit

by Gregg Smith

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Wonderful Nature and Wonderful Work – An Evening with Rainbow Tours at the Royal Geographical Society in London

Irenee at the RGS Event
On Wednesday 25th November, an eager audience at the Royal Geographical Society were taken on a tour of Madagascar. This was not an average tour but a blend of the beautiful and the beastly, fantasy and reality, and the good work going on to keep this wonderful country and its inhabitants better protected.

The main speakers of the event were Hilary Bradt, who wrote the first English-Language travel guide to Madagascar in 1986, and Irenee Rajaona-Horne, our very own director of Money for Madagascar.
Hilary Bradt
Hilary Bradt has gathered the outlook of a complete expert over her many years travelling to Madagascar, and both her talk – and her slideshow – were utterly enticing. We were shown nature’s most bizarre works, from the twig-nosed snake to the fingernail-sized Brookesia Chameleon. A lovely reminder at the end was Hilary exclaiming “I came to Madagascar for the wildlife, but it was the people who took my heart”.
Julian Cooke, Irenee, Micheline and Tabitha
Now 1986 was a very good year, because it was also the birth year of Money for Madagascar – an organisation that has worked relentlessly for almost 30 years to help the people of Madagascar to enjoy better livelihoods through supporting local NGOs and their inspiring initiatives. Recognising the interconnectedness of all aspects of life, Irenee’s speech centred around how MfM has specialised in helping the most vulnerable (those living in biodiversity hotspots, isolated villages, and destitute children in cities) to work with the environment around them to achieve true sustainability and well-being. Indeed, she mentioned a study they conducted over three years with 49 Malagasy families, whereby on average those who had been involved with MfM had doubled their income over the time period. The message had been made clear by the participants themselves, she quoted: “the work of Money for Madagascar is essential”.

Rainbow Tours
Irenee’s quick tour of the work of MfM was an encouraging addition to the evening, adding to the beauty and the wonders of Madagascar with a close-up on the pivotal work being done to help all of those in need. Thanks to Rainbow tours for hosting such an delightful and enlightening evening. 

To support the work of MfM with vulnerable children, communities in environmental hotspots and isolated rural communities please donate. Thank you!

Mark Robinson