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Madagascar, whilst famous for its astonishing flora and fauna, is a country in crisis. After years of economic disarray levels of income, healthcare and education are amongst the lowest in the world. Population growth is putting enormous pressure on precious Rainforest, half of which has disappeared since 1950. 

In response to this social and environmental disaster Money for Madagascar was founded in 1986 by returning volunteers wanting to fund local solutions and enable the Malagasy people to take charge of their own destiny. Since then it has raised over two million pounds for projects run by local partners. Today the need for aid and sustainable development remains as great as ever. Money for Madagascar is managed and run by ten volunteer trustees and one full-time fundraiser.
The Money for Madagascar Team
Our projects tackle many of the key issues facing Madagascar today: lack of food security, loss of bio-diversity, erosion, urban migration, poor health and extreme poverty. Where we can we also respond to emergencies, from cyclone relief to feeding programmes for street children and their families. With modest resources we have built a record that we are proud of, both for our hundreds of fundraisers and grant-givers and of course our inspirational Malagasy partners.

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