Sunday, 29 March 2020

Lanes Vets backing MfM's Rainforest farmers

We thank the Lanes Vets for choosing to back Money for Madagascar as their charity of the year for 2020. It is wonderful to have their recognition in support of our work with vulnerable farmers in Madagascar. 

Fundraising efforts will support subsistence farmers living around Madagascar's fragile rainforest.  The forest people in Betampona used to survive by chopping down the rainforest and hunting lemurs. When forest people learn sustainable farming methods they can feed their families whilst also preserving the endangered rainforest. Small grants provide veterinary care such as vaccinations to support forest farmers.  Training and support are vital to help people to help themselves. This project will help lift vulnerable people out of poverty , whilst also helping conserve Madagascar’s unique Betampona Rainforest

To find out more click here , or for ideas for how you can fundraise for this project click here

MfM and MIA Green Partnership

MIA, short for Made in Africa, is a chocolate company that creates ethically sourced and locally manufactured chocolate in Madagascar. 
MIA launched it's 'One for Change' with MfM in 2018 in which they committed to reinvesting 1% of their profits back into community-based projects that help tackle poverty in Madagascar.  To complement ths vital social work, MIA has now launched their MIA Green programme, which commits to off-setting carbon from chocolate shipments, by investing in Money for Madagascar's reforestation programme. MfM has ambitions to plant 200,000 trees to help restore Madagascar's unique Andasibe-Mantadia rainforest and is delighted to have MIA on board to help us achieve this goal.  

MfM and MIA are committed to integrating the local people into their schemes, so the planted trees can flourish along with the people. The Green Program partnership has been featured in the March edition of Kennedy’s Confection – The UK’s oldest chocolate confectionery magazine!

The full feature can be found in the March edition of Kennedy's Confection, with more information on the scheme and goals.

MIA’s website can be found here, with more information on MIA Green found here.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

MIA Chocolate: Carbon Capture and Conservation in Madagascar

MIA Chocolate is a company who craft all their items in Africa, namely Madagascar. MIA Green is their new program, implemented underneath their 1 for Change fund, in which 1% of company sales will go towards tree planting and rebuilding lemur habitats in Madagascar.

Money for Madagascar (MfM) is proud to partner with MIA and our initial contribution will fund 60 trees. Tree replanting is close to our forest-friendly sustainable livelihood activities. Brett Beach, the co-founder of MIA has been interviewed on the Confectionary News podcast, discussing the importance of sustainability and the MIA Green program. You can listen to it here. We look forward to seeing the future development of this program and partnership!

Learn more about MIA Green here.