Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Britain and Madagascar just got a bit closer!

This week the British Foreign Office announced its intention to open a new British Embassy in Madagascar. This is fantastic news for Brit's thinking of visiting, volunteering or doing business in Madagascar. It is also good news for our Malagasy friends who wish to visit the UK, as they will be able to apply for their visas in Madagascar. To read the announcement in ‘The Independent’ see:

If you are in the mood to celebrate Anglo-Malagasy relations, as well as the Money for Madagascar concerts in June and November, the Anglo Malagasy Society is also having a party! to celebrate 51 years of Malagasy Independence and 50 years of the Anglo-Malagasy Society the AMS is holding a big party in London on the 26th of June. There will be food, dancing and the launch of the new album of acclaimed Malagasy acoustic guitarist Modeste. The event will also include a charity auction, which will benefit Malagasy charities such as Money for Madagascar. For more info see the AMS website