Wednesday, 3 August 2011

News from Madagascar

Life-saving surgery for Franck...
We’ve got the lemur knitters to thank!

This young man was recently rushed into hospital with a hernia and acute appendicitis. Thanks to ‘The Sisters’ Surgery Fund’ Franck received life-saving surgery. He has just completed his treatment.

His mother was so relieved to see her son alive and well again. This is a translation of what she wrote to us:

“Bonjour, I am the mother of Tafitasoa Franck. I am so grateful for your help. My son's operation was successful and he is recovering well. His treatment finished at the end of July. A thousand thank yous. The money you sent has saved my son’s life. God bless and protect you!”

Soon we’ll be going behind the scenes to meet the quick-fingered, big-hearted knitters in the UK who fund surgery for Malagasy street kids, through the sale of knitted lemurs.