Thursday, 22 October 2015

Starting to think about Gifts for Christmas and New Year?

The MfM calendar, Christmas cards and alternative gifts are now available from our on-line shop on the MfM website

In the 2016 MfM calendar, Ed Kashi and Ailie Tam offer glimpses of a beautiful country where life continues to be hard (though with lighter moments!) for those eking out a living against the odds of poverty, environmental change and global warming.  

This year calendars cost just £7.50 each, inclusive of postage and packing.  All proceeds will be used to fund projects and local organisations addressing the serious environmental, social and economic challenges facing Madagascar.  

This year we have a choice of 2 seasonal greetings cards.

The  'cheeky street children' were photographed at one of our projects helping get children off the streets and into education. Every Christmas MfM tries to bring some extra joy to the street children of Tana by providing a special meal and a small gift to those in our reach.

 Christmas can be a time when we think about the story of a mother and her child. We chose this photo, taken at Akany Avoko Children's home, because we feel it reflects the seasonal story of the joy and the struggle of a mother bringing a child into the world.   

Cards cost £4.50 per pack for 10 cards + envelopes including UK postage.
Please visit our online shop MfM SHOP

Are you looking for a different gift this Christmas...
If you are fed up with giving or receiving yet more socks, toiletries or chocolates… you can bring the gift of joy for someone in Madagascar? It's simple really... visit our online shop and choose an 'Alternative Gift'  that like schooling, hotmeals or precious trees...something that is desperately needed in Madagsacar. Then you either buy it for your friend or you could ask your friend to buy an alternative gift for you. That way you can be sure this year’s Christmas present will be VERY much appreciated by you and your friends and especially by the people in Madagascar whom you have chosen to help. 

Just £7.50 could buy nutritious hot lunches for a street kid for a whole month. £5 could help plant 5 fruit trees in a school yard, providing food and shelter for hungry students for years to come.  
To make an order please shop online at MfM SHOP

Thanks for your support