Thursday, 25 February 2016

Making Dreams Come True in Madagascar: The Sisters of the Good Shepherd

We work with local Malagasy organisations to support vulnerable childrenand help them to climb out of poverty. One amazing group we work with is called The Sisters of the Good Shepherd who have been working for over a decade to help children off the streets and into education. One of the centres they run is the Fihavanana Centre in Antananarivo. Here are two stories from children who come to the centre.

T* is 13 and after his father died, his mother has had to bring up five children on her own. T* lives an hour away from school, and until the intervention of the Sisters, had never attended it. Thanks to their support, he has just learnt how to write the vowels A, O and I. He now can dream of being a teacher and teaching those who haven’t had a chance to attend school.

P* is 12 years old and stopped her education at year 1 of secondary school, as her mother could no longer afford it. However, thanks to the help of the Sisters she has been able to join a course for training in practical skills. This will allow her to reach her aim of being a dressmaker. P* says “I believe that my dream to have a bright future will come true one day!”
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*Names have been removed to protect the identity of the children

Written by Alfie Talks