Monday, 17 October 2016

Get your loved ones a Malagasy gift for Christmas and New Year!


The MfM calendar, Christmas cards and Alternative gifts are now available from our on-line shop on the MfM website

This year’s calendar focuses on Malagasy daily life, from simple daily routines to the joyful play of children. Using black and white images, Pierre-Yves Babelon captures the contrasts of Madagascar and the humanity of its remarkable friendly people. Cost £ 7.50 each including postage & packing.

We also have a choice of 2 seasonal greetings cards

This is one of the two delightful Christmas cards available for you this year:
It is a photograph of a traditional Malagasy embroidery entitled " Going home for Christmas Malagasy style"
The greeting inside the card says “Season’s Greetings” in English, Malagasy and Welsh.

This is the other available card for you:
The card shows the national flower of Madagascar, the Poinsettia, against a backdrop of the dramatic Chutes de la Lily near Ampefy in the Central Highlands. The greeting inside the card says "Season's Greetings" in English, Malagasy and Welsh.

Cards cost £ 4.50 per pack for 10 cards and envelopes including UK postage.

Are you looking for a different gift this Christmas...

If you are fed up with giving or receiving yet more socks, toiletries or chocolates… you can bring the gift of joy for someone in Madagascar? It's simple really... visit our online shop and choose an 'Alternative Gift' like schooling, hot meals or precious trees...something that is desperately needed in Madagascar. Then you either buy it for your friend or you could ask your friend to buy an alternative gift for you. That way you can be sure this year’s Christmas present will be VERY much appreciated by you and your friends and especially by the people in Madagascar whom you have chosen to help.

Just £10 could buy 5 fruit trees and enough vegetable seeds for an average-sized school garden. School gardens and fruit trees not only teach children cultivation skills but also provide good nutrition to prevent them from getting diseases.

Alternatively, you could also help increase and preserve Madagascar’s unique and highly rich biodiversity through replanting primary forests in order to save its distinctive flora and fauna.

Over 80% of the species in Madagascar are endemic however; only 20% of its original forest remains and its rich biodiversity is at risk.
As a different gift this year you could help MfM’s partners to replant primary forests and to save both the fauna and flora that provide the world with important ecosystem services such as life-saving medicines.
£25 could fund the planting and aftercare of 50 native forest trees.

To make an order please shop online at MfM SHOP

Thanks for your support