Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Discover Madagascar and make a difference!

We are happy to offer you a unique opportunity to explore Madagascar and help to combat poverty at the same time.

Kris Pierscieniak, who provided the photos for our 2014 ‘Magnificent Madagascar’ calendar has just released a stunning, new, interactive ibook revealing hidden stories of THe Red Island entitled 

 ‘Madagascar: The Land Amidst Moving Waters’

Photographer & Author Kris Pierscieniak writes:
“I’ve been working on my Madagascar book these last few months. The need there is certainly very great. I’ve seen enough to realize the extent of the challenges the country faces. In all my travels, among all the many projects I’ve observed, all the countless people and organizations I’ve been introduced to, I have never seen more done with less. What Money for Madagascar accomplishes is truly remarkable, so I would like to help.”

So why not treat yourself or a friend to this wonderful experience! If you buy the ibook by the 15th of June 2014 then the entire cover price will be donated to MfM to help provide education, sanitation and hope to forgotten communities across the island.

To view / purchase the ibook ‘Madagascar: The Land Amidst Moving Waters’ please follow the link