Thursday, 26 April 2018

Thank you Frank!

Money for Madagascar (MfM) would like to say a huge thank you and goodbye to our volunteer Francis (Frank) Philips who has left to start a new adventure in Australia. Frank has been involved with volunteering at the MfM office in Lancaster since 2016. He has been assisting with various tasks, which aid some of the neediest and poorest people in Madagascar.

Frank started working with MfM when he rented a room in the same building as our office, which meant he could easily head downstairs to lend a hand! Frank primarily worked on our social media pages updating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our blog pages allowing us to share the stories of our beneficiaries and supporters locally, nationally and on a worldwide scale.

Frank also aided us with key administrate tasks including filing, scanning, database work, and other crucial tasks which help the charity continue providing support to vital projects such as providing education to children most in need, protecting Madagascar’s beautiful and unique environment and helping to provide food, water and shelter to those facing hardship.
This is why volunteers are so important to MfM - volunteers contribute to office work, research tasks, fundraising activities and many other tasks that help MfM support the Malagasy people.

Would YOU like to offer your skills and time to improve the lives and prospects of people in Madagascar, whilst helping to protect their unique environment?

If the answer is yes, then we would love to hear from you! Whatever your skills, if you have interest and enthusiasm, your time can be put to good use!

Volunteering for MfM will give you the opportunity to gain experience and new skills, whilst providing you with the knowledge that your work is really making a difference to people’s lives. Whether you want to work occasionally, from the comfort of your own home or to join our team in the Lancaster office as an intern, we can find a role that will suit your interests and availability!

Frank said of his time volunteering, “Volunteering for Money for Madagascar in their office was very rewarding and enabled me to develop a number of skills which will aid me in the future. It was also fascinating to learn more about the wonderful nation of Madagascar and the people who live there.”

To find out more about volunteering with MfM contact us via email: or check out our volunteering opportunities page on our website -

Franks enthusiasm to help those in Madagascar was inspiring and his generous support which will greatly benefit the Malagasy people. He will be greatly missed by all of us here at MfM. We wish him all the best for his new adventure!

Thanks Frank!

By John Garman

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Hip Hip Hurrah for Harry Cassie and his family and friends!

We are very pleased to highlight the generous support of three generations of the Cassie family to Money for Madagascar (MfM). Harry Cassie along with his friends and family are currently raising money to fund projects on the island of Madagascar.

This remarkable family has been involved with Madagascar since the 1960s when Harry’s grandfather Stuart Cassie was working as a volunteer teacher in Madagascar. The photo below is of him at a reunion with people he had taught when he was volunteering. Both of these former students are now teachers!

Stuart Cassie with his former students
After he retired, Stuart was deeply involved with MfM as the treasurer from 2002 to 2013. His son Alastair went on to volunteer in Madagascar during his gap year. The latest person to support MfM is Alastair’s son Harry.
Harry has set up a Just Giving page to raise funds for MfM as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. In his own words:

“Madagascar is 1000 miles long and it seemed like an appropriate target to match with my goal of raising £1000. With this sum the charity can provide and install a water well for a school in a rural community, raise more we can give the tools and seeds to plant fruit and vegetable gardens, the opportunities are endless. As part of my updates I'll be highlighting different projects that Money for Madagascar is involved in as well as my own progress and that of others participating.
So over the past few months I've been getting some miles under my belt, and am now launching my campaign for sponsorship.  I have completed 68/1000 miles since the start of December. Time to get moving a lot more!
How can you help ?
1/ Sponsor to achieve the £1000 target (e.g. 1p per mile is just £10!)
2 / Donate miles* - donate some personal miles that you can achieve through walking / running / cycling swimming before 1/7/2018 and we'll get to our 1000 mile target quicker...Together we can reach more people and raise awareness of the plight of Madagascar and the invaluable work that Money for Madagascar charity does.
* If donating miles please keep a record of how you've achieved your miles, ideally with evidence from either a written log / fitbit / phoneapp”

We wish Harry and his friends and family all the very best and thank them for supporting the work of MfM. This fundraising effort is also a wonderful tribute to his grandfather Stuart Cassie.

Please click on the link below, if you would like to see Harry achieve his target!

many thanks

Sunita Abraham