Monday, 23 March 2015

Meditate for Madagascar!

Meditate for Madagascar

Are you interested in Madagascar and the world of yoga and meditation? If so there is a chance to combine both worlds by attending a meditative sit-in!
Our supporter Laura Sewell attends yoga and meditation groups in Oxford and wherever else she can get to. Recently she started raising funds for MfM by selling Malagasy vanilla at a local alternative health centre in Oxford. This has raised both funds and interest in Madagascar. The fundraising idea has caught on and members of local yoga and meditation groups are holding a ‘Meditation Sit-in’ to raise funds for four charities including MfM. The organisers, Teresa Kay, Neville Dowley and Anita Lewis describe the event as follows:
We are organising a meditative sit-in. We want to bring together as many meditators as possible to practice with a collective attitude of kindness and well-wishing; and also to experience the benefits of big group practice and help build our meditative community. People from any tradition or none are welcome and whatever your style of practice we can meet in silence. There will be no formal teaching; the event will be led by Anita Lewis and Neville Dowley. It will raise money for the following charities: 
    Rokpa UK (
    Money for Madagascar (
    Refugee Resource (
    Prison Phoenix Trust (
Date and Time: 18th April 6.30-9.00pm
Venue: Wytham Village Hall, Oxford, OX2 8QA.
Cost: By donation on the night
Please bring anything you need to sit comfortably. There will be chairs available.
Tea will be provided.
Please let Teresa Kay know by email  ( )  if you plan to attend. Please forward this email to any meditators that you know who might like to join us. We would love to have as big a group as possible.’

So, whether you are new to meditation or an experience practitioner, why not have a go and support MfM at the same time.