Friday, 25 September 2015

What have Cakes got to do with Cyclone Chedza?

Lancaster was given an informative treat this May when the local primary school in Quernmore played host to Pastor Helivao, one of Money for Madagascar’s partners. This visit was so inspiring that the pupils and staff decided they would pop on their oven gloves and bake up some sweet treats!

But first, let’s go back a few steps.

In January Madagascar was hit by the deadly Cyclone Chedza, causing rivers to overflow and damage roads and crop fields. Just two days exposure to Chedza cost the country approximately $40 million (USD) in damage and displaced nearly 55,000 people. The government launched a request for international assistance due to the heavy damage.

Biscuits for Sale
Now international assistance can come in many forms – often from huge bilateral donations such as Japan’s contribution to supplies for the Malagasy people; and also from small community projects and events that raise money for inspiring causes. Having heard the stories of how Pastor Helivao’s organisation were helping the people affected by Cyclone Chedza, parents and teachers at the school in Quernmore contributed to the cyclone appeal.
Would you like to buy one?

And the kids began to muster up some scrumptious surprises for the cake and biscuit sale on Friday 17th July, raising a whopping £300 to help continue Pastor Helivao’s relief efforts through Money for Madagascar. Year 6’s summer fete three days later pushed the total even higher. See the accompanying pictures for an insight into international assistance at the grassroots level!

 It goes without saying then that sharing stories from far apart regions of the world can visibly make a difference. Money for Madagascar helps these stories to spread from Pastor Helivao to others who are eager to help, who in turn create their own inspiring stories – cause-related cake sales - and the spiral continues. Running on generous donations from our supporters, Money for Madagascar can continue to raise awareness and money for these important projects that help to rebuild lives. 

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Mark Robinson