Monday, 28 July 2014

Amazing Jane completes her challenge

Jane has every reason to be proud of her medal after completing her mile long challenge swim on Sunday 13th July in Ullswater lake.

Jane says, “Thank you for your incredibly generous donations, helping to raise almost £600 for the children of Madagascar.  This is almost double my target and at such short notice! 

The sun shone and Jane swam a mile in 42 minutes which she is pretty ‘chuffed’ with.  She enjoyed every minute surrounded by the beauty of Cumbria thinking about how wonderful it will be for the children who will now have clean water in their own school yard. 

Donate here to show your appreciation for Jane’s brave efforts.

How will your money be used?  It’s going to bring clean water to a whole school and a well water supply to grow healthy vegetables and improve nutrition. 

We’re going to install a sink so the children will have somewhere to wash their hands providing easy access to clean water for the youngest child.

‘Jane’s swim will make a huge difference for children in Madagascar.

Every year children die from highly preventable diarrhoea but we’re putting an end to needless death by providing safe water. 

Thanks a million Jane, for helping us raise the money to protect young lives.’

(Irenee Development Officer for Money for Madagascar)