Monday, 7 July 2014

Wishing Well

It's a heavy job carrying water to school
On Sunday Jane will be swimming a mile across Lake Ullswater for Money for Madagascar because children are in dire need of access to clean water.

This time last year Jane’s QES folk band plucked their strings to raise money for a new classroom for children who risked drowning to get to school. This time Jane is plucking up her courage and donning her wet suit to help children who don’t have enough water. 

Jane says
“I'm wanting to make a 'splash' through my swimming and help fundraise for a well to be installed in a rural primary school in the highlands of Madagascar. This would improve the children's health in two ways. Firstly access to clean water is a vital step to reduce the tragic levels of sickness and diarrhea, which can be fatal. Secondly the water supply will be used to irrigate a small kitchen garden so the students can combat malnutrition by growing and eating fruit and vegetables.

We need to grow food  but our crops need water

To help Jane bring water to a school that desperately needs it please donate via Jane’s JustGiving Page . Or you can donate via the MfM website