Friday, 5 August 2016

Ray of Hope for Madagascar Schools

The parents from Manamanjaka Primary School are over-joyed with the arrival of solar energy to their school. Before there was NO ELECTRICITY at all in their village.  Now the students have lighting to support their studies. Before the arrival of the Solar panel last week the parents would walk 25km every Saturday to the nearest town with electricity to charge their phones. Now they can charge their phone at the school which means they can use their phone all week and can save themselves a lot of time and leg-ache. And the teachers are probably the happiest of all. Firstly the arrival of electricity brings light to the classrooms. 

Secondly the modest fees charges for charging phone and batteries will bring a vital income to the school to enable teachers’ salaries to be paid, at last! Not only do they now have power in school which can greatly support their teaching, but also the arrival of solar energy has the ‘power’ to transform the students’ education with potential access to audio-visual  educational resources like language CDs, educational films and potentially much more.