Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Net profit

News agencies reported today that five hundred expatriate workers at a Mining project in Madagascar had been sent home due to a Malaria outbreak.

Sadly for ordinary Malagasy people there is no such escape route from mosquitoes and the parasites they carry, particularly in humid coastal regions.

Africa's biggest killer
In 2008 Malaria killed almost one million people, most of them African children. Throughout Madagascar it continues to cause needless misery and suffering despite being easily preventable at a relatively low cost.

Not only does Malaria cause hundreds of thousands of needless deaths but it is also a cause of poverty and a major hindrance to economic development with international studies revealing a fivefold difference between the average per capita GDP of countries without Malaria and those where it is common.

Over the last twenty-five years Money for Madagascar has raised funds to distribute cheap, effective mosquito nets to those that need them most. A mosquito net costs only one pound and can effectively protect a bedful of Malagasy people from Malaria for years to come.

Just £1 buys protection from malaria
If you'd like to help protect a Malagasy family from needless suffering or bereavement then please visit our website to learn more about helping us.