Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A grand day for projects in Madagascar

Well done Hilary and team, for raising over a £1000 on Sunday in the London 10K. Your sweat and pain was not in vain. A grand will go a long way to help lift Malagasy people out of desperate poverty. Keep an eye on the blog to hear how the money is spent!

Shortly after catching her breath, Hilary described the experience.


“The London 10k is done and I survived!
Considering the potential for suffering it was an extraordinarily enjoyable event. At least 25,000 people of all shapes and sizes: fat, thin, young and vigorous, old and tenacious, all running through the streets of London to raise money for their particular charity. Some have photos of ‘Mum’ or ‘Uncle Dan’ on their T-shirts to show why they’re raising money for that particular cause, and there’s always something to read on the backs of T-shirts as people pass you. As they do rather often. They didn’t all take notice of the words on the back of my T-shirt: ‘Pass politely, I’m 70’ but the ones who did were really nice and exhorted me to keep going. So I did.
We trotted up the Mall, through Trafalgar Square, along...and along...and along The Embankment to Southwark Bridge and back to Westminster Bridge then – nearly there – past Big Ben for a quick time check before the loudspeakers urged us on to the finish in Whitehall. My dripping face was its usual interesting shade of magenta, but the hips and knees still more or less intact.All our team running for Money for Madagascar finished (all before me, but that’s no surprise) and thousands of people will have seen the charity’s logo on the back of our T-shirts. So far the money raised is over a thousand pounds (including Gift Aid) which is fantastic. And hopefully there’s more to come as I prepare for the next run in October. But meanwhile I’m having a rest!”

Next up, on the 24th of July: ‘25 miles for 25 years! The intrepid wade across Morecambe Bay’ Pioneered by MfM’s own Theresa Haine & Irenée Rajaona-Horne.