Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Don't Panic!

The 30th of November sees tireless fundraisers (and previous cover stars of this very blog!) Lancaster’s “Millennium Choir” premier their latest production “Eight Songs for Everyday Emergencies” in support of Akany Avoko Children’s Shelter in Madagascar.

Ever wondered how to perform a tracheotomy? Or land a plane? The Millennium Choir will tell you how, along with other survival tips, in their own unique way. They'll even solve the banking crisis - now surely that's worth a small £7 investment?!

With support from Take Three jazz trio and Bivocal banjo/piano accordion duo the event, at the Gregson Community Centre, Lancaster, will also feature a craft stall selling Malagasy crafts in support of MfM-sponsored projects.

Composer Andy Whitfield and The Millennium Choir in action

Tickets are £7/£5 on the door so “tongava maro” (come in large numbers) as they say in Madagascar and enjoy a fantastic evening’s entertainment, support a worthy Malagasy cause, and pick up some priceless survival tips into the bargain!

Visit the event’s facebook page here: to learn more...

or visit The Gregson Community Centre's website: for more details of the venue and how to get there.

Email with any other questions - we look forward to seeing you there!