Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013! Tratra ny Taona 2013!

In Madagascar it is never too late to say ‘tratra ny taona’ or 
‘happy new year’. 

Street children see in the new year with a party.
What are their hopes for 2013?

Since the arrival of the New Year it has been heartening to share greetings of support and hope with our tireless and determined partners who are steeling themselves for the year ahead. Working with the destitute and downtrodden is no picnic. But the Malagasy have great resilience and a wonderful capacity for finding joy in adversity. 

With your support our partners can offer people a new start this new year. Whether you help us to plant a tree, get a child into school, train a teacher, or perform life-saving surgery, your kindness in 2013 will produce benefits that will last decades. Thank you for joining us to make 2013 a happy new year.