Monday, 13 April 2015

It all started with a stripey tail!

Swansea Supporter!
I was in the train and using 3 hours of enforced idleness to knit a lemur soft toy to raise funds for MfM. We had reached Cardiff and I had got as far as knitting the tail when a crowd of men entered our carriage. The two who sat down opposite me were fascinated by the black and white stripey tail and it turned out that they were builders on their way home from work on the new Cardiff Children’s Hospital and were keen Swansea City football club fans. The club colours are black and white as everyone knows.

One of the men’s wives was expecting their first child in January and his friends thought that a Swansea scarf would be a good present for the baby so they pressed £10 on me and asked me to knit one. They didn’t know me from Adam (or should it be Eve?) and probably thought that they would never hear from me again.

I am delighted to have proved them wrong and have posted the scarf, plus a little bobble hat as a bonus, to the future dad. I hope there will be a sequel to this story in a picture of the baby, wearing both hat and scarf. 

Watch this space!

Theresa Haine