Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Help Zachary Raise Money to Protect Madagascar Wildlife!

MfM is very privileged to have the support of people from different walks of life. We are amazed at the fantastic ways in which people raise funds to make a difference in the lives of communities in Madagascar.

Zachary Barker is very interested in supporting MfM's conservation and community development work in Madagascar. He has decided to run the Vitality Reading Half Marathon 2016 on 3rd April 2016 and on the Just Giving website he explains why he would like to support MfM:

“I have decided to raise money for this particular charity because it seeks to create step-ups, as oppose to handouts to some very poor people.  Poverty leads to people resorting to desperate means to make a living, whether that is deforesting an area to farm or hunt animals for bush meat or live trade. I have never been to Madagascar, but I hear the animals that live there are some of the most diverse and fascinating in the world.  I hope to have a child one day and I don't really want them to grow up in a world where such animals only exist on the internet, in a book or in the zoo.  I will be happy if the money I raise will help some desperate people lead sustainable livelihoods.
Please give as much or as little as you can spare.”

If you would like to support him please follow the link below:

Another friend of MfM is the award-winning freelance writer and photographer Mike Unwin. The photos that appear in this blog piece in relation to Madagascar were taken by Mike on a recent visit there and he has very kindly given us permission to use them. 

To find out more about what we do in Madagascar and to see how you can get involved visit http://www.moneyformadagascar.org/

Thank You!