Sunday, 2 July 2017

Ed’s Scandinavian Hike

Money for Madagascar supporter Ed Ford is hiking across Scandinavia to raise money for Money for Madagascar. Ed spent three months teaching English as a Foreign Language in Nosy Be, during which time he described himself as feeling “as part of such a warm and welcoming community.”

The Malagasy are some of the poorest people in the world, and Ed says he would “love to give something back.” Therefore, he is embarking on a trek along the Troms border trail to raise money to help Madagascan communities. The Trom’s border trail is an 85-mile trek across three countries: Norway, Sweden and Finland, well above the arctic circle. This nine-day trek will past through inhospitable climates, remote and rugged terrain, and risk encounter with dangerous wildlife including bears and wolves. 

Ed describes how this expedition will push him “to the limit,” and has set a target of raising £600 for Money for Madagascar to help Malagasy communities and conservation efforts. Donations are being accepted via JustGiving, where it is also possible to find out more about Ed’s challenge.

For more information about the work of Money for Madagascar to help impoverished communities and conservation efforts, visit