Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Way Out of Sex Trap

Today described how thousands of Malagasy girls are turning to sex-work to survive, with as many as 1 in 7 of the population working in the sex industry in the port town of Toamasina.

MfM runs training programmes for teenaged girls to give them an alternative to sex-work. Here girls receive food, medical care, academic education and vocational training.

 Our next big drive is to help girls to set up their own micro-entreprise so they can earn a decent living. It cost £50-£100 to set a girl up with the equipment she needs to run a business like renting solar lights, hairdressing, dressmaking, selling food, or renting out a phone. 

This skilled sewing student was awarded a machine to start a dress-making business with her family.

This week we were delighted to hear that MfM supporter Andy Whitfield was celebrating a Big Birthday. We were even more thrilled when he announced that he would like people to make donations to MfM in lieu of birthday presents! This wonderful gesture has raised enough money to fund new businesses for five destitute teenaged girls. What a brilliant birthday legacy!

Thank you!

If you missed the story about Andy's choir raising their voices for Akany Avoko scroll down to the post about 'Unsung Heroes'.

To learn more about the struggles of teenaged girls in Madagascar follow the link
  Sex for Survival