Thursday, 20 August 2015

More success in the Cyclone Chedza Clean-up!

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you will know that our friends in Madagascar are still recovering from the devastating effects of Cyclone Chedza which hit the island in January. SAF, one of Madagascar’s largest indigenous NGOs and long-term partner of Money for Madagascar, have been using your kind donations to help those affected in Maintirano, an area situated on the west coast which is virtually inaccessible for half of the year.   

Location of Maintirano in Madagascar
Through SAF, 125 families were granted 30,000 Ariary each to help them get back on their feet. Not only this, the head of the organisation, Jean-Pierre is committed to improving the long-term situation of families and reducing the economic exploitation of women. 

This is done through the use of revolving funds, allowing multiple parties to receive loans, and encouraging the recipients to become self-sufficient and sustainable.

Thanks to these interventions, Mrs Noeline’s family can go on making a living: “We can buy fishing materials to repair the nets and the pirogue which were damaged… and my husband can continue to earn money for the family.”

Mrs Tody's New Kiosk
Mrs Rasoa
Mrs Tody has also been able to rebuild her small kiosk and resume work after two months of unemployment and Ms. Rasoa is now able to feed her five children.

SAF is just one of our partners working tirelessly to make a real difference to vulnerable people in Madagascar. To find out more about what we do visit and to make a donation to help the ongoing efforts of our partners please follow this link:

Gregg Smith