Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Beaumont Students Reach out to Madagascar

Beaumont College is a further education college in Lancaster which helps disabled young people aged between 18-25 years. Supported by the charity Scope, Beaumont helps young people to take responsibility for their own lives by providing personalised learning programmes to meet each students need.

Money for Madagascar (MfM) is grateful to Beaumont College Student Union as it has helped to raise money for a disabled child called Ando* at Akany Avoko Faravohitra Centre in Madagascar. Their donation for Ando is helping to pay for her vital physiotherapy sessions. 

We are sharing Ando's story with you.

Ando was born on 30th October 2012. She is an only child and she is disabled. She is epileptic and often has fits. She cannot stand or talk. Her parents separated just after she was born. First Ando lived with her mother. Then she moved to live with her father. But when her father remarried, Ando’s mother was not happy and wanted Ando to move back with her. The parents argued over custody and in the end the children’s court decided that Ando should be placed in the care of the children’s centre ‘Akany Avoko Faravohitra’ (AFF). Ando’s parents can still visit her and are starting to take her home with them some of the time. But the AFF centre is still responsible for her care, including taking her for regular visits to the hospital and for physiotherapy. Ando needs a lot of care and support. Someone always needs to be with her to look after her. She is loved by all the children and staff.

Shaun from Beaumont College handing over cheque to Sunita
It means so much to AAF and MfM that Ando has received support from Beaumont college and we hope that this link will continue to grow. In the photo above Shaun from the Student Union at Beaumont college is presenting Sunita from MfM with a cheque for MfM.

Thank you to all the students and staff at Beaumont College for your support!

* Name has been changed to protect identity.