Thursday, 7 July 2016




Living on the rainforest margins, Prisca's family struggle to find enough land to grow the food they need. Increasing population pressure and land degradation are forcing them to clear the forest and hunt wildlife, such as lemurs, in order to survive. It's hard to consider the consequences of destroying the rainforest when the survival of your family is at stake!

With your help we can change Prisca's life and protect Madagascar's precious rainforests. Our partners can offer Prisca's family the chance to support themselves without destroying the unique environment that surrounds them. For as little as £10 per month, they can provide her family with the training and resources to sustainably grow rice, vegetables and fruit trees, as well as farming fish or keeping livestock.

Will you DONATE NOW so that Prisca and her family can have of a better life without destroying the rainforest?


Biologically, Madagascar is one of the richest places on earth. It is home to more than 175,000 endemic plant and animal species including 50 kinds of lemur and plants with cancer curing properties. Economically, Madagascar is one of the poorest places on earth. Daily survival is a struggle for most of the rural population. Widespread malnutrition results in stunting amongst 50% of Malagasy children. This extreme rural poverty is threatening the future of Madagascar's forests and wildlife.  The World Wildlife Fund estimate that 90% of Madagascar's forest cover has already been lost. Continued destruction is threatening thousands of species with extinction.

We believe that it is only possible to conserve Madagascar's precious rainforest by offering the local people practical alternatives to deforestation. That is why for the last 25 years we have been working with communities on the margins of the Betampona rainforest reserve, helping families like Prisca's to diversify their livelihoods and to develop sustainable agricultural practices. Our aim is to both alleviate poverty and conserve the precious rainforest. 

Our long term approach to poverty alleviation is proving effective in the fight to save the forests. Around Betampona, we have seen many family incomes double. These families can now eat better, afford to send their children to school and visit the doctor when they are sick. Deforestation and poaching have decreased.

To ensure the future of the forests we need to be able to reach more families, giving them the chance to improve their lives sustainably. We can only do this with the help of generous supporters like you.

Will you DONATE to give more families the chance to raise themselves out of poverty without destroying the forest?

Any donation big or small will make a difference. However, committing to a monthly donation would really help us to plan for the years to come and to target our work most effectively.

£10 a month could provide one family with the technical support and materials they need to sustainably increase their rice production and grow vegetables and fruit trees.

£15 a month could set up a family in fish farming or small scale livestock keeping. 

£20 a month could set up and maintain a community reforestation nursery.

£30 a month could employ an agricultural outreach worker to provide training and technical support in sustainable food production to families and communities.

£50 a month could help establish and maintain irrigation systems for a community.  

To help families like Prisca's follow the link below: