Friday, 24 March 2017

Madagascar Drought Appeal: An Update

Money for Madagascar has been running an appeal recently to help those impacted by the drought and subsequent famine in southern Madagascar. The United Nations has highlighted that the famine is a severe threat to the health and lives of nearly a million people in this part of Madagascar. 

The drought, which has affected the region for the past two years, has resulted in crop failures and led to severe food shortages. Families have resorted to consuming vital seed stocks to survive which only further exacerbates the issues in the longer term.

Thanks to the generosity of all those who have donated to our appeal, Money for Madagascar has been able to send out £30,000 already and is continuing to raise money. Our Malagasy partner SAF have been able to begin providing short and long term relief to families in affected regions. In the short term this means providing food aid to families suffering from famine. To ensure longer term sustainability, SAF are helping to replenish seed stocks depleted by the drought, particularly with drought resistant crops, as well as working to improve food stores to develop long-term food security.

It is very important that these stocks are replenished now. Rain has recently been falling in some affected areas making it vital that these seeds are delivered and sown as soon as possible to ensure that this famine isn’t prolonged. SAF have already been able to provide 200 households with maize seeds to take advantage of this rainfall in addition to short-term food supplies.

Without your help this work wouldn’t be possible. If you haven’t donated yet and are able, it isn’t too late. Even a modest contribution can go a long way to alleviate the harsh conditions currently being faced by those in the affected regions of Madagascar.