Friday, 10 March 2017

Shining a Light of Hope – examples of MFM making a difference for children in Madagascar

Money for Madagascar (MfM) supports seven different Children's Centres in and around Madagascar's Captal Antananarivo. One such centre is Akany Avoko Faravohitra; this centre cares for 50 children both day and night, and here MFM gives funds to provide nutritious food, warm meals, clothes and education (to name only a few things!).  

MFM is proud to have recently helped fund the installation of solar power – helping to ensure that there is hot water, and many other things that we may take for granted. This has helped to promote stability and the well-being of the children.

The solar panels automatically start working whenever there is a break in the electricity so that there is always light, ensuring that the children are safe whenever there are power cuts. MFM is happy to support Madagascar’s quest for solar solutions! 

As the centre is high in the mountains, it can be very cold and windy in winter - warm water will certainly be a welcome relief then! And with the solar panels, it has become easier to access – obviously helping the children, yet also the staff in their work. 

The grant has also helped provide a solar cooker for both washing and cooking – quicker than using a firewood stove! This allows staff to cook a warm midday meal quicker, meaning they can spend more time directly with the children. It is said that Vitamin D is good for you, but now sunshine really can make the difference! 

Money has also lead to the conversion of space into a library, and also the creation of an IT room and workshop for handicrafts – hopefully enough to engage the young minds! 

It is wonderful to see the children smiling and laughing, and wonderful to know that you as supporters are making a difference to their lives and prospects.

If you would like to know more about what MfM does, or to make a donation – any money you give will be guaranteed to make a direct difference in Madagascar – please see our website –

Thank you!