Friday, 19 May 2017

A love of Lemurs leads to making a real difference in Madagascar

Back in February, Patricia Wright – a renowned primatologist and Anthropologist at Stony Brook University – visited Luther College, Iowa (both USA). This may seem quite ordinary between American academics, what makes this visit special then? – the subject. In her lecture and following events, Wright told of her personal love for Lemurs, her academic work in Biology and also how she had helped found Madagascar’s Ranomafana National Park.

Professor Wright is acclaimed for conservation and biology in Madagascar, specialising in the social nature of Lemurs. In this lecture she highlighted how females play a central role in groups, also she explored the history of Lemurs in Madagascar and how they manage today – and of course, how we can help them survive.

The positives of this talk? Students claimed they had a greater sense of personal growth and were more aware of how sometimes seemingly small acts can make a big difference to countries like Madagascar.

Students heard of not only the immense work which Professor Wright has done, but also about the importance of getting a balance between supporting both the rainforests that the Lemurs inhabit, alongside solving social problems. Wright made it clear that to help maintain the unique natural environment, the local people must be taken into account and supported too.  

This is also the approach of MFM – supporting the local people - enabling them to survive, thrive and appreciate the unique landscape and species. MFM is proud to help provide some of the things which Wright stressed the importance of – such as health care, education, information and financial support to start alternative livelihoods. 

If you would like to know more about the work of MFM, or if you could make a donation which would help make a direct impact on both the lives of the Malagasy people and the Lemurs that they live alongside, please visit:

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- Written by Matthew Ward -