Friday, 26 May 2017

Make a difference with your trip to Madagascar

Ash Dykes is a Welsh explorer and adventurer who recently became the first person to trek the length of Madagascar from south to north, taking in the Island's eight highest mountains on the way.He has been invited to speak at 10 Downing Street - twice, has been commended by explorers such as Bear Grylls, and was named UK Adventurer of the Year, 2015.

Ash on the summit of Pic Imarivolanitra (also known as Pic Boby) as part of his trek

 Ash has a keen interest in Madagascar, and completed his record-breaking trek there in order to support the Lemur Network, helping conserve some of Madagascar's unique wildlife. In order to allow more people to experience the rugged, untouched wilderness of Madagascar as well as raise money to help local communities and conservation projects, Ash has teamed up with Charity Challenge to offer individuals a once-in-a-lifetime, 12-day trek to Madagascar's second-highest mountain, Pic Imarivolanitra (also known as Pic Boby).

This trek, in late-October and early-November 2017, offers a chance to explore some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the world, and participants have can choose to support a number of different charities through this trek, including Money for Madagascar.

Pic Boby - Madagascar's second-highest mountain, and the highest which can be reached without technical climbing.

Of course, such an adventure is not for everybody. However, the fact remains that Madagascar is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and as such is increasingly becoming a tourist destination. However, the fact remains that the country is also home to some of the poorest people in the world, and its unique wildlife which makes it so special is under threat. An increase in tourism itself, while being beneficial to the Madagascan economy, also brings its own problems - not least the impact it has on the environment.

This is why Money for Madagascar is running a campaign to encourage tourists to Madagascar to give something back to this beautiful and special island. MfM can arrange visits to see the work of our partners working in Madagascar, and there are ways you can directly help such as:
  • Donate clothing, left over Malagasy currency, first-aid supplies and stationary to programs to help street children in the capital;
  • Plant a tree to help restore Madagascar's rainforest;
  • Visit an 'education for life' school to see our work to improve education in Malagasy communities. 

We would also encourage visitors to make a donation to help our work with Malagasy communities, and efforts to conserve Madagasar's wildlife for future generations.

Money for Madagascar encourages people to visit Madagascar, but also to give something back to the Country.

For more information about Ash Dykes' Adventure, click here