Friday, 2 June 2017

Money for Madagascar at the Lancaster University Community Day

Money for Madagascar recently had the opportunity to take part in the Lancaster University community day with its own stall and activities. With the MfM office being located in Lancaster, it was an excellent opportunity to speak to members of the local community and university about the work we do in Madagascar and to educate them about ways in which they can help some of the poorest people in the world today.

The stall included lots of information about who we are and what our work, and the work of our partner's involves such as conservation projects, supporting children’s centres, and other vital projects which aid those in poverty. It also included lots of different elements with some activities for the children including dressing up in Malagasy clothing (with lots of different hats!). Children who came really enjoyed dressing up and taking part in the activities and it was great to see them engaging with Malagasy culture. 

There was craft made by Malagasy people which ranged from model cars made out of recycled metal, to necklaces made out of seeds. The craft-work and attention to detail involved is very impressive and highlights the skill of the Malagasy people who too often lack the resources to tackle the issues they face. The Malagasy people know what they need to improve their standard of living and have the skills to put them in place, but they simply do not have access to the resources. This is why the projects that MFM is involved in are so important to ensure that key resources such as access to food, shelter and education are available to those in need.

This is why volunteers are so important to MFM. They contribute to office work, research tasks, fundraising activities and many more vital tasks that help MFM support the Malagasy people - there are always tasks which need doing, wherever you are.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in volunteering or wish toTo volunteer or make a donation in support of the charity please visit