Tuesday, 14 July 2015

BACK TO SCHOOL in Ambohidava!

Cyclone Chedza Affects the Capital Tana
In January, Madagascar was struck by the deadly cyclone Chedza. Extreme flooding led to 80 fatalities, displaced more than 50,000 people and caused over $40million (USD) in damage. Many schools were badly affected, disrupting the education of children across the island. One such case is Ambohidava Catholic Primary School in Central Madagascar, which collapsed following the event.

Luckily, three devoted youngsters from Lancaster, UK were ready to pitch in and do their bit to help out. Amelie did a sponsored ‘bounce’- 371 hands-free bounces on her pogo-stick, Reuben and Beth did a sponsored litter pick. Between them they managed to raise around £1,500!
Leaping Amelie
Every penny was sent straight to the Sandrata Association, a Malagasy NGO and partner of Money for Madagascar run by Rasolofohery (Solo) Albert. Specialising in the refurbishment of school buildings, Sandrata Association took on the task of rebuilding Ambohidava primary school. The donations raised by our young fundraisers covered the cost of all the cement, planks, paints, labour and transport.

Before and After
Inside a classroom
The renovations began at the end of April and after working six days a week, the work was completed by the end of May, celebrated by an inauguration on the 31st of May by children, parents, teachers and the local priest. Association Sandrata tells us that Tantely, one of the students (pictured below), is very happy to find his old school repaired.

Back to School!
Money for Madagascar continues to support those affected by Cyclone Chedza by providing financial support to a range of inspiring organisations and projects across the Red Island. And all of this is possible thanks to fundraisers like Amelie, Beth and Reuben as well as donations from amazing supporters like yourselves. See our website (www.moneyformadagascar.org) for more information on how to get involved and watch this space for updates on Madagascar’s recovery from Cyclone Chedza.

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